Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cloud Mystery Video Series

In an earlier post I made reference to a series of videos called the cloud mystery and I showed you the preview to it. Well I have since discovered the full six part series and will post it here for you to view:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


They are thought provoking and worth a watch. They are also a companion to this report written by Dr. Roy Spencer of UAH entitled: Clouds Dominate CO2 as a Climate Driver Since 2000. In it he says:

The main point I am making here is that, no matter whether you assume the climate system is sensitive or insensitive, our best satellite measurements suggest that the climate system is perfectly capable of causing internally-generated radiative forcing larger than the “external” forcing due to increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations. Low cloud variations are the most likely source of this internal radiative forcing.

... If one additionally entertains the possibility that there is still considerable “warming still in the pipeline” left from increasing CO2, as NASA’s Jim Hansen claims, then the need for some natural cooling mechanism to offset and thus produce no net warming becomes even stronger. Either that, or the climate system is so insensitive to increasing CO2 that there is essentially no warming left in the pipeline to be realized. (The less sensitive the climate system, the faster it reaches equilibrium when forced with a radiative imbalance.)

Any way you look at it, the evidence for internally-forced climate change is pretty clear. Based upon this satellite evidence alone, I do not see how the IPCC can continue to ignore internally-forced variations in the climate system. The evidence for its existence is there for all to see, and in my opinion, the IPCC’s lack of diagnostic skill in this matter verges on scientific malpractice.

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