Friday, November 6, 2009

Alarmists Deliberately Target Children -Part 2

Not long after I wrote my previous post on Alarmists Targeting Children. another couple of examples arose which I thought deserved highlighting so you the reader are made aware of the tactics being employed against our children.

The first is on the website being run by the scientific organisation NOAA in an article from Watt's Up With That entitled:

NOAA Deletes An "Inconvenient" Kids Web Page
, we find:

Hadley CRU isn’t the only government agency that deletes web content related to climate. NOAA/NWS Southern Region Headquarters has gotten into the act. An interesting thing happened today. NOAA deleted an educational web page about an experiment you can do with CO2.

Ordinarily such a thing would go unnoticed, especially since it doesn’t impact anything particularly important like policy, or climate data. It’s just an experiment for kids in the classroom.

Fortunately, I still had the web page open in my browser. I had been looking at it yesterday, and I had been thinking I might try the experiment myself with a datalogging thermometer, just for fun.

Here’s the web page as it was open in my browser:


And here is what the same URL looks like now:

SRH_jetstream_CO2_404You can try it out for yourself:


What could cause NOAA to pull a web page like this on a moment’s notice?

Two things.

1 It was featured on Climate Depot yesterday.

2 It had this passage that must not have agreed with somebody higher up in the NOAA food chain:

It has been thought that an increase in carbon dioxide will lead to global warming. While carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has been increasing over the past 100 years, there is no evidence that it is causing an increase in global temperatures.

Or maybe it was this one:

The behaviour of the atmosphere is extremely complex. Therefore, discovering the validity of global warming is complex as well. How much effect will the increase in carbon dioxide will have is unclear or even if we recognize the effects of any increase.

So rather than corrupt young minds with a simple science experiment with some inconvenient language attached to it, NOAA simply deleted it. Of course nothing is really deleted on the Internet anymore. NOAA looks pretty silly thinking it would go away with a simple delete.

The Wayback machine has the missing web page for posterity:

Then there was this article about The Connecticut Science Centre via ICECAP:

I recently visited the new Connecticut Science Center located in Hartford Connecticut. It is very impressive! The staff was friendly and very helpful. Parking was easy and reasonable, well sort of reasonable. Getting around the building was no problem. The exhibits where easy to see and there was a lot of interactive displays for kids to touch and play with. I’m not so sure how this helps prevent the spread of germs but there were hand sanitizer dispensers spread around. However I found the climate change movie they presented very disturbing. It is completely one sided and biased. It shows the alarmist point of view (I noticed Greenpeace in the credits) and there was no attempt to show any science that there is another point of view. The film actually used the Michael Mann tree ring temperature reconstruction of the last 2,000 years.

The rather stern host of the film, an animated sheep who never smiles during the entire 20 minutes actually dies at the end of the movie by falling off the moon! As he falls you can hear him cry out as we watch him plummet to oblivion. The host actually crashes into the screen as he meets his death at the end of the movie! They never actually show him dead but the meaning is clear. Amazingly there is a statement at the end of the film that says no sheep were harmed in the making of this movie. Well sure but they killed a fake one for dramatic impact! This was the not too subtle message that if we don’t stop burning fossil fuels we could all suffer the same fate.

This movie is clearly an attempt to scare children. Small children are watching the humorless host talk to them about how bad global warming is and then he is killed. One can only wonder about what kind of nightmares this could trigger in some kids. It would be much more scientific and less alarmist if the film presented both sides of the story so people and kids could make up their own minds as to what is true and what is hype.

More can be read here.

So we can see from this that even once reputable organisations that would have never pimped this sort of propaganda are now becoming the conduits of choice for activist organisations such as Greenpeace as they seek to control the thought processes of the generation next.

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