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Alarmists Deliberately Target Children

Just recently there has been an upturn (not in the global temperature but) in the activities of both Government and Non- Government bodies deliberately targeting Climate Change propaganda directly at children. They justify this tactic by claiming that this is the generation that will have to deal with these terrifying consequences and thus there is no moral impediment to using them to get at their parents, teachers, etc. No avenue is seen as taboo by these activists and no tactic too unjustifiable as they seek to lock in the next generation before they are able to fully discern fact from hype. As can be seen in these articles:

Hot Air Hits The Schools

Guilt trips for driving gas-powered vehicles, eating hamburgers and powering gadgets are the order of the day. Then teens are to go home and tell mom and dad about their sins too.

Global warming is proving more dubious by the day, but the Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) is not shy about recruiting Boston’s next generation to promote their alarmism.

The nonprofit group launched months ago and wants to inspire 140,000 teenagers to join its climate-change activism by the end of this year.

They’ve hired educators with flair for the theatrical to deliver their one-sided message via high school assemblies, captivating hundreds at a clip.

Rappers, actors, athletes, ministers and other dynamic personalities sync their talks with amusing PowerPoint presentations and slick animation to pump up the fear.

The idea is to motivate teenagers, and subsequently everyone in their spheres of influence, to modify their behaviors so as to stop global warming. This is achieved by cutbacks in their energy use, which ACE believes produces too many greenhouse gases (from fossil-fuel combustion like coal and oil) that warm the planet.

So guilt trips for driving gasoline-powered vehicles (carbon dioxide), eating hamburgers (methane from cow flatulence) and powering gadgets (more carbon dioxide) are the order of the day. Then teens are to go home and tell mom and dad about their sins too.

ACE is based in Oakland, Calif., and was created by wealthy wind-energy entrepreneur Michael Haas. The organization has targeted five metropolitan areas besides Boston: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington and Houston.

Haas, who donated $24,600 to President Barack Obama’s campaign and victory funds last year, stands to reap millions of dollars in government subsidies that climate change-driven renewable energy policies would bring. ACE looks like an effort to assure the growth of his business into future generations.

ACE lobbies school boards and administrators for permission to give its presentations, ensuring delivery of its propaganda to hundreds of potential foot soldiers for the cause.

But ACE’s talks are infected with falsehoods, like telling the students they’ve lived through the 10 hottest years on record (1934 was really the hottest) and that greenhouse gas emissions are jacking up the global thermostat way too high.

Scientific studies that counter these fibs and exaggerations are left out of the presentations.

For example, many solar physicists believe we may be entering a prolonged cooling period due to diminished sunspot activity.

Atmospheric scientists, who observe actual data rather than depend on dubious climate models, have seen no recent temperature increase (on average) in the oceans or on the surface of the earth during the last decade.

Unfortunately many teachers and administrators don’t do their homework and let the Alliance for Climate Education pull students from classrooms to be taught rewritten history and biased forecasting.

Boston parents might wonder why their kids are coming home with so much passion for a controversial cause.

Or this one:

Preschool 'greenwash' scaring children

PARENTS have accused early childhood centres of "greenwashing" their children by burdening them with the responsibility of saving the world.

Tots as young as three have sent letters to Kevin Rudd about their passion for green living and asked companies to reduce their packaging.

Others are growing their own food, repairing toys and walking to preschool in an effort to reduce their toll on the environment.

But experts have called for caution in teaching children about climate change because of the potential for fear, anxiety, frustration, anger and despair at catastrophic events.

...."This generation, their great worry is green. It is drummed into them everywhere."

Schoolchildren raised running out of drinking water, rising sea levels and the extinction of polar bears in a survey on their views last year.

"Children of that age should not be thinking the world is coming to an end," Sydney father-of-three Andrew Potter, 35, said.

"It is a form of propaganda."

Youngsters also put the environment at the top of their worry list - along with crime and terrorism - in research for the Australian Childhood Foundation.

"It is the adult world impinging on childhood," chief executive officer Dr Joe Tucci said.

Ideally, children's strongest concerns should be about their friendships or toys, he said.

He suggested that adults had to deal with the fact that children were exposed to bigger issues by helping them to understand them.

Australian Psychological Society guidelines advise caregivers to avoid strong reactions about green issues in front of preschoolers.

In severe cases, climate change worries could escalate into anxiety disorders or depression, said psychologist Dr Susie Burke.

"These issues are frightening and upsetting for adults and even more so for children."

Read more of that article here.

Or perhaps the ACT ON CO2 campaign launch of its Bedtime Stories TV advert fully supported by the British Government.

The add shows a father reading a bedtime story to his daughter.

In the book, puppies drown and rabbits are left without water to drink because of rising CO2 levels.

The male character reads: "There once was a land where the weather was very, very strange...

"Scientists said it was being caused by too much CO2, and it was the children of the land who'd have to live with the horrible consequences."

The young daughter asks if there is a "happy ending" before a voice over tells the viewer it is up to them to change how the story ends.

The consequences of this campaign were further highlighted in this article:

Shameful Exploit Of UK Children In Climate Propaganda

The British government is using the NLP directed on children in order to persuade their parents to accept the Goreism and the believe that we dangerously influence the global climate through CO2 and that we can do something about it by saving energy. They intend to persuade children to label their parents as irresponsible and bad, if they don't adhere to the will of the UK government.

It is not the first time in resent history, we have seen governments using children as a means to achieve their political goals. My parents told me about how the ruling party in Germany used teenagers, Hitlerjugend, to change the mind of their parents. Like today's UK, they back then misused the unconditional love of the parents to force an agenda.

By misusing the children in this way, you reverse the normal system in which the parents provide guiding examples, moral support and wisdom for the children, and where the parents view is guided by independent critical diagnostics of the society they live in. In this UK Hitlerjugend style, the guiding role is taken away from the parents and transferred to the government and their propaganda departments.

This is the most powerful propaganda method imaginable, but also a very inhumane form. It is inhumane for several reasons. Unless you, as a parent, is extremely well informed, you have no way of promoting your own interest to the child as you will find it difficult to protect your child from the massive, intrusive media called TV and Internet.

This one-sided immoral propaganda through children was in principle banned by the High Court in UK.The judge ruled that you are not supposed to provide disputed one-sided information without also providing adequate information about the other side of the coin.

The issue of the one-sidedness, is what makes this children-propaganda so immoral. It's like having the ruling party in the government making gigantic propaganda with the taxpayer's money, directed towards the children, in order to force the parents to vote for them by the next general election.

More on that article here.

How then did the Department of Energy and Climate Change of the British Government justify running such an advert? The article UK Government Ignorant To Shameful Exploit Of Children explains:

"It's consistent with Government policy on the issue, which is informed by the latest science and assessments of peer-reviewed, scientific literature made by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and other international bodies,"

...In view of this apparent solely political use of the global climate system, it is shameless to convince innocent children that what the IPCC forecasts is the inescapable truth. We should teach our children basic facts, which they can later use in other areas than politicized climate science. We should tech them logarithm so they know how little CO2 can heat at current levels. We should teach them physics, so they know about thermodynamics. We should teach our children to be analytic and always question even the most obvious facts. We should teach our children never to accept any science, anywhere, at any time, to be settled.

What has been the consequences of this targeting of children by green groups and governments? This article entitled Panic, little ones, it's the Carbon Monster demonstrates:

In place of grown-up, adult debate about the future, environmentalists continually use scaremongering - conjuring up horrid, squalid future scenarios based more on their fantastic imaginations than scientific fact - to try to force people to lower their horizons and change their behaviour.

And this green politics of fear is starting to have a detrimental effect on children.

As popular culture bombards kids with messages about a fiery, bunny-hostile future, and as many schools in Britain and elsewhere rebrand themselves as "eco schools", devoted to reducing children's carbon footprints as much as expanding their minds, so children are becoming paralysed by fear.

In 2007, a survey of 1150 seven to 11-year-olds in Britain found that more than half had lost sleep as a result of worrying about climate change.

"It's making me and my friends go mad," said a 12-year-old girl.

The children were most likely to be kept awake thinking about "the possible submergence of entire countries" and the "welfare of animals", indicating that hysterical, fact-lite, The Day After Tomorrow-style scare stories about worldwide flooding or the wiping out of polar bears have hit children where it hurts.

Worryingly, the survey also found that one in seven children blamed their own parents for the coming climate doom. This suggests that environmentalists' emphasis on the destructiveness of people's everyday behaviour - their driving habits, their food choices, their holidays - has successfully convinced kids that all adults, even mummy and daddy, are dirty and dangerous.

Indeed, environmentalist activists now cynically exploit children's fears to try to get them to snitch on their parents. A book called How To Turn Your Parents Green, by James Russell, encourages children to "nag, pester, bug, torment and punish the people who are merrily wrecking our world", that is, grown-ups, or "Groans".

It tells kids to become "Guardians of a Glorious Green Future" and to get their parents to sign up to a "Glorious Green Charter". Traditionally, it has only been the most authoritarian regimes on Earth - think Mao's China or Stalin's Soviet Union - that encouraged children to spy on and squeal on their parents. Now environmentalists do it, too, though with a Little Green Book rather than a little red one.

This targeting of our children has become widespread and insidious, with my own family recently being exposed when a third party was invited to my children's primary school to give a Aboriginal culture talk. They turned it into an opportunity to promote green propaganda at the children who attended the event (unbeknown to the school's Principal at the time). Targeting adults is one thing, but the deliberate targeting of children (who are incapable of deciphering the truth from the hype) must be resisted in my view.

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