Saturday, August 29, 2009

Australian Activists and Alarmism

Greg Bourne (CEO, WWF-Australia and ‘expert panellist’ for the aftermath of the Great Global Warming Swindle aired on the ABC) ( Pictured above) has moved away from his core business of advocacy for animals and instead has become a vocal climate change activist.

"We must shift in the way we go about our business. We must deliberately build resilience in our environment, build resilience in our society and start a revolution in our economy. The responsibility that befalls our generation; the card that has been dealt to us, is to turn the corner; to move away from an ethos that has seen us mine the planet to pay for the present, and towards an ethos that focuses on securing a sustainable future."

Climate change is threatening our way of life and the planet we all share.”

“Greenhouse emissions continue to climb and anything more than a two-degree rise in our temperature “could have” devastating consequences”.

Note the use of weasel words like "could have" is a way of getting your scare across without actually committing to anything. This is a common tactic and use of language by many alarmists.

“Global warming “could” eradicate as many as 25 per cent of all living species on earth.”

“Here in Australia our current drought-flood cycle will intensify, putting lives at risk and reducing our water security.”

Despite the grim outlook, it is not too late and every single one of us can help to reverse current trends”.

“Almost 40 per cent of the solution to combating climate change is contained in simple acts of using energy more efficiently”.

Labelling Big business:

Big polluters have known for 20 years that the Government would regulate carbon pollution. …Either way, why should the public pay for their negligence or deception?”

Companies are complaining that they will be forced overseas, but this is unlikely. Even after the Rudd Government's emissions trading scheme starts in 2010, Australia will be one of the most attractive countries in the world for big companies to invest. We will still have some of the lowest energy prices in the world; some of the best electricity, port, transport and communications infrastructure and some of the largest mineral reserves. …. I think its time for directors and managers of the major industries to stand up and tell us why they have been taken by surprise. Were they aware of climate change but just chose to take a business risk and ignore it? Were they simply negligent and failed to prepare to avoid an obvious risk? Or, are they hoping for a big profit underwritten by the Australian public? If not, it is time for them to get on board, support the Government's carbon pollution reduction scheme and stop cadging for public handouts.”

To name but a few. Organisations like the CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology which receive government funding in relation to climate change also now regularly use these same alarmist tones. In doing so they secure their funds in to the future.

Dr. James Hansen commended Australia's Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in 2008 ....the following Australian climate, paleoclimate and Earth scientists to provide further elaboration of the science reported in my attached paper (Hansen et al., 2008). Again there are those same familiar names:

Professor Barry Brook, Professor of climate change, University of Adelaide
Dr Andrew Glikson, Australian National University
Professor Janette Lindesay, Australian National University
Dr Graeme Pearman, Monash University
Dr Barrie Pittock, CSIRO
Dr Michael Raupach, CSIRO
Professor Will Steffen, Australian National University

The climate clique is alive and well, also if Dr. Hansen recommends them, clearly they must follow his lines of thought and expression in alarmism.

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