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An Introduction

Greetings to all who choose to visit this blog. It has been created to shed some light on many of the topics raised in the area of climate change.

Like most people a couple of years ago I didn't know much about the topic of global warming other than what I saw or heard in the media and from environmentalists like David Suzuki, who had been instrumental in the recycling and chlorofluorocarbon campaigns of the late 80's and early 90's. But a couple of years ago in a discussion with a work colleague of mine about Al Gore's film "An Inconvenient Truth," I was arguing that like Michael Moore, Gore would have slanted the footage he was showing to support his case and shunned anything that discredited it. My colleague disagreed. To prove my point I began a journey of discovery that not only uncovered the flaws in Gore's film that I suspected were there, but a great many other inconsistencies with what I was being led to believe by the main stream media.

So in making this I admit I have become a man made (or anthropogenic) climate change sceptic and I want to show you (the reader) why.

In making this blog I ask two things of you the reader:

1. that you the reader keep an open mind, at least considering what is being put forward in each topic area. I ask this as what I am presenting is based on articles from scientific experts, and

2. that you tell your friends and families about what you may learn here so that they too can broaden their knowledge on this complex subject.

Global Warming or Climate Change as it is becoming known, is a very complicated subject area to cover as there are many aspects to it’s make up. The science behind it is complex, dynamic and based on an series of systems which until recently has had only limited scientific understanding.

The purpose of this blog is to try to pierce some of the fog of words and complex science in this debate and put it in simple easy to understand layperson terms so we the public can try and determine an appreciation of what is being decided.

It is also an attempt to highlight what is not being reported by the media and to expose some of the pseudo or junk science that is being used as proofs of Climate Change to us (the public) by activist elements of the science, politics and media communities. I will do this by comparing what are being told, to what is being recorded as actually happening.

I am not as many an alarmist or activist would try an convince you "a denier" of climate change. Unlike many of them, I fully recognise there has been a form of climate change happening to the world since it began. Periods of warmth (The Holocene warming, Roman warm period and Medieval warm period) and periods of extreme cold (e.g.: the Ice Age and the Little Ice Age). The fact that there has been climate change in the past or in the present is not in question. Change in the climate over time has been the one constant. The question therefore revolves around is the change due to natural causes or is it human induced (anthropogenic) caused. I am now convinced that the likely hood of man made CO2 being the soul cause of any change is doubtful in an great extent and arrogant in the extreme.

In creating this blog, all effort has been made to ensure (given our current state of ignorance - to quote Professor John Christy's high school science teacher) to the best of my knowledge that all items presented are factually correct at the time of writing. This is not an attempt to misinform or mislead.

The subject of climate change has developed two distinct groups of thought :

1. The "believers" in Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) that believe that the warming experienced up to 1998 was due to human activity adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, and

2. Those known as "the sceptics" that believe that most of the changes seen are primarily part of the earth’s natural cycles, who are often labelled "deniers" by their activist and alarmist opponents.

There are both beneficial and detrimental effects to any climate change and both sides of the debate have often highlighted aspects of these.

To be clear from the outset I (the author) am not a scientist. I am in fact a teacher. Therefore any findings and/or conclusions that I refer to in this blog have been extracted from the writings from the experts in those relative fields. When that has happened I will always endeavour to provide a link or acknowledgement to that originating source as I am not claiming their work as mine and intend to give the credit where it is due. I also have no affiliation with any “Big Oil” organisation, government agency or political party or their subsidiaries. I am doing this purely because I developed an interest in it and believe that the public deserve the right to make informed choices that will effect our future.

The length of the overall presentation and the amount of information on some topic areas may seem overwhelming to some readers to begin with. I will endeavor to set out this blog so each topic can be easily viewed. The amount of information was done to give as much detail as space would allow and would keep the number of pages as few as I could, given the vastness of the material covered.

Due to the complex nature of the topic material I believe the best place to begin is at the conclusion to the last cool period known as the Little Ice Age. Then to cover a wide range of topics after that.

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